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Exceptional freshness and
quality produced all year long!

We look forward to sharing our passion with you!

Since 1994

The specialists in the production of
mini greens and edible flowers in Canada
  • More than 10 varieties of edible flowers certified organic.

  • More than 30 varieties of colorful sprouts and blends.

  • All of our products are available year round.

  • The conservation of our products is incomparable.

  • Our exceptional quality standards and the freshness of all our products have made our reputation for many years.

  • Our large greenhouse production capacity allows us to offer a personalized and constant service.

  • Refrigerated delivery in the greater Montreal area, Monday to Friday.

  • Distribution throughout Quebec and Ontario thanks to our many partners.

  • Several formats available to suit the needs of all our customers. (50g to 1kg)

  • Eco-responsible production, we produce our own compost on our land and constantly reuse the same potting soil, thanks to our composter / pasteurizer, unique in Canada.

  • No chemicals products, inputs, fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used in our greenhouses.

  • Various specialized vegetables are also available in season.

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