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Our values


The company's philosophy is to work in harmony with nature, excluding the use of any pesticide or synthetic fertilizer.


The attention to detail, which accompanies our products from sowing to harvesting, is the essential element that has forged our reputation.


Our products, sprouts, edible flowers and exotic vegetables, meet the demand for rare, fresh and high quality products.

Our mission


To offer the restaurant and hotel industry a quality Quebec product of incomparable freshness, with a touch of exclusivity, destined for high gastronomy!

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Eco-responsible production

In the 2000s, agricultural businesses had to measure the phosphorus content in their lands.

Like many others, ours contained too much.


Since we could no longer buy potting soil or import phosphorus to fertilize our crops, the founder, Pierre-André Daignault, decided to develop his own soil treatment system.


After extensive research, he succeeded in developing a machine that allows him to pasteurize his soil. Thus, for the past ten years, instead of being thrown away, the soil is constantly recycled.


This saves the company the cost of processing residues and purchasing new soil, in addition to avoiding the GHG emissions produced by the transportation of materials and the burying of organic waste.


 100% recyclable containers

These containers, made in Quebec, are made entirely of recycled plastic to reduce the ecological footprint.

Pierre-André Daignault

Our market gardening company has forged an enviable reputation, thanks to its producer-artisan. He is active in looking for new species likely to surprise the taste buds, to evoke a perfume, to discover textures or to capture the eye with attractive colors.
A graduate in psychology and philosophy from Concordia University, his passion for agriculture began in 1988, a turning point that would change his career path.
A hobby gradually turned into a growing passion for cultivating the land.

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Christine Meunier
Executive Director
Marie-Ève Meilleur
Executive Assistant
Hans Christensen
Head of delivery service
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Justine Daignault
Production Manager
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Éric Bélanger
Operations supervisor
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