Micro Greens

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There is nothing like cilantro to flavor salsa. It is delicious in curries and couscous, as well as in many sweet dishes. It can also be used to make pesto.


Red Ribbon Sorrel

The red ribbon sorrel is mainly characterized by its beautiful green leaves lined with red veins.

It will decorate your dishes wonderfully,

in addition to being an excellent accompaniment to meats, goat cheese and fish.



The amaranth is distinguished above all by its red leaves offering a very nice presentation in the plate. Its fresh and slightly spicy taste will perfectly enhance your salads, soups, sandwiches, poultry and fish.



The celery leaf is full of flavor, its freshness is delicious in sandwiches, soups and sauces. With its pronounced taste, it is a great substitute for celery stalks in Bloody Caesar.